Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here we are again!

Exactly one year ago, I sat on my fat ass at this computer knowing that if I put another Christmas cookie in my mouth I was going to explode. And why did my damn pants keep getting shorter...oh, because my ass and thighs kept getting bigger and pulled them up. I'm happy to say that I am not that same person. Is it because I get paid to teach spinning a couple of times a week this year and I didn't last year? Is it because I'm not eating as many cookies? Maybe a little of both.

Ok, let's back up. Who am and why should you care? I am a 40 year old mother of 5 (don't act so shocked, I didn't birth all 5 kids!). I am also a financial administrator for a salary and a certified personal trainer and certified spinning instructor for the love of it! I've had a wonderful year of learning and reconfiguring my body as I entered my dreaded 40th year. I learned as much as I could from so many different sources about fitness, food and supplements so that I could sculpt my physique. I reached my goal weight and body fat percentage and I quickly learned that I was fighting a battle to be there. My body didn't want to be that lean and dammit, I WAS HUNGRY!!!! So I've done some backsliding, had a scary episode with an atypical migraine that showed like a stroke and lost some muscle tone. I am not that chunky monkey I was last December and I'm ready to begin a renewed journey of health and well being.

So here's to a great 2009!

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