Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making a Decision

I really enjoy The Secret, the book. I find it inspirational but not always clear and directional. As a trainer and an instructor, if I want my clients to see results, I need to provide clear and simple, step by step directions.

The other day I was surfing the web on The Secret, and I came to Bob Proctor's site ( He had a free MP3 download called "Decision". I've listened to that download about 3 times now and the thing that strikes me the most is the emphasis that thinking about what you want isn't going to bring it to you. You need to make a decision that it's already yours and take the necessary steps. I like that core belief in so many different ways. Particularly as it relates to health and fitness. If my clients (and myself) make the decision that we are going to change our body and our health, that's half the battle. Life is full cycles and we can wax and wane on our decision but if we hold on to it, we will achieve it.

As I get ready to enjoy the holiday season with my family, I am also gearing up for the kick off a new fitness season. I've ordered a new Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor and I'm reviewing new sculpt routines. I can't wait to see everyone in the new year and help people with their decisions to get fit!

Have a rockin' good day!

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