Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog, journal, track, scratch, document....why?

Write it down.
Work it out on paper.
Log it into a spreadsheet.
Blog into on blogger or bodyspace.
Keep a notebook.

For years I've been writing it down. I write down my routines and my clients' routines. I have a hefty rolodex of information stored in my brain but it doesn't always fire away as quickly as it used to.

I taught my Thursday afternoon cardio/sculpt class. The first time I taught it, I felt like it sucked-couldn't stand it-felt embarassed by the quality of it. Being one to prepare, I tweaked my song list out and wrote and re-wrote out the routine. I ran through it twice and still tweaked it out some more right before the class. Having no shame at all, I printed out the routine and taped to the mirror in class and referred to it as needed. I felt much better about the quality of class I was presenting.

I have spreadsheets that track my weight, I have spreadsheets that periodize my lifting, I have spreadsheets the calculate my percentages lost/gained, to goal, etc.
I have a sweet little notebook that my son gave me for mother's day that has measurements and workout notes in it for the past couple of years. I also have several websites that I've used for years to help me track food and fitness.

It makes a difference. It brings your awareness back around to what your process is and what goals you're striving for. I don't do it for anyone else's eyes but my own but I will always share my templates and references. It keeps me on track and shows me my progress, especially when I'm not feeling it.

My favorite food tracking website is:

Have a great weekend!

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