Sunday, January 25, 2009

Energy Follows Intention

I have a great sign by my front door that says "THINK ABUNDANTLY Energy Follows Intention". It really does, doesn't it? I think back over the years and I can recall those times in my life where my thoughts were complete abundance whether it be financial, professional or personal. I made my own reality.

So why do I struggle more with it at 40 than I did at 21? Experience vs. naivety? My husband would say I fill my life up to more than I can swallow and, granted, I sometimes operate out of a place of fear that if I don't take advantage of what is presented to me now, it won't be there tomorrow.

Now it is time to slow down while encompassing as much as I can. My life is so rich in the things that matter. I have an incredible (and large) family, I have delightful and wonderful friends and I am constantly honored and awed by the women who I teach and train with. I've been presented with abundance and opportunity and I need to make the choice to LIVE ABUNDANTLY. It is not a chore, it is a choice.

Sundays are my days that my boys are with their dad so my choice for today is husband time, organize time and me time with some hot yoga. I've got to remember that abundance is given to me, I don't need to heap it all on to my plate at once.

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