Monday, January 19, 2009


Sometimes the most productive thing to do in our transformation is visualization. I recently read an article by another fitness friend and he spoke about starting his transformation by visualizing walking on the treadmill. The action of visualizing actions and outcomes prepares the psyche for the challenge. It takes away the fear of the unknown. A study was once completed showing that the atheletes that visualized performing their sport actually had a physical reaction to the visualization, which improved their performance.

There is a plentitude of websites, books, classes and lectures available on creating your own reality through visualization. It's not difficult and nor time consuming. So what do you want to visualize? What's your challenge or your goal? Is it to walk a mile in less than 10 minutes or run a marathon? Still yourself and create that movie in your mind. Review that movie until it becomes so familiar and so real that your body feels it. Take the action and move into the reality that you created.

My current visualization practice is focusing on my physical and personal balance. I'm trying to develop greater flexibility in all areas of my life so I'm taking time to reflect and to practice balance.

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