Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Personal Challenge

When I was in my 20's it was ALL about me...narcissism at it's finest.

In my 30's it was about the climb. The educational improvement, the corporate movement, the super mom club. Damn, the 30's were tough but I achieved a lot. I took my life into direction that I never thought I could, that I was told that I couldn't (unfortunately I had a lot of nay sayers in my life..was even married to one). It laid the foundation for where I wanted to go in my 40's.

Now that I am at the front step of my 40's, I want to find balance, peace and productivity. I'm not interested in the climb anymore, I'm interested in challenging myself. One of the ways I accomplish this is by challenging myself to learn more, grow more and teach more. I love prepping for certifications, it makes me feel broader.

I was introduced to the practice of yoga 20 years ago by mother. We had been estranged for about 7 years when circumstances in my life redirected me to her. Although we would not stay connected for very long, the gift of yoga and spirituality that I gathered through our time together has permeated my life in various forms.

So with that, I will reacquaint myself with my yoga practice (which my mother would have despised). As I ran through a practice this morning, I noticed great areas of weakness and inflexibility. One of the ways I challenge by students and clients is to acknowledge their weakness and master them. Today I found that I no longer have the physical strength to do the Crane Pose (see photo) and my short term, personal goal is master the concentration and develop the flexibility and strength to perform this pose for 5 yogic breaths.

I'll keep you posted but if you see me with a black and blue spot on my forehead...well you'll know why.


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